[Ffmpeg-devel] h264 for ffmpeg, MG1264 streams

Vassili Leonov vleo
Sun Apr 30 17:43:01 CEST 2006

We (Linux Media Labs) are looking into development of MPEG4 part 10
(H264)codec (full duplex) PCI card for Linux based on MG1264 chip. This
will be 100% hardware audio and video real-time coder/decoder board.

We managed to get agreement with chip vendor that allows us to
distribute linux kernel device drivers under GNU/GPL license for Linux
products based on MG1264 chip. 

But when I tried MG1264 streams playback with recent (from Dag RPM
Repository =http://apt.sw.be/) ffmpeg (mplayer) I've noticed that:

1) QCIF and CIF streams playback fine

2) D1 streams do not, with this message:

mplayer: h264.c:2306: mc_dir_part: Assertion `pic->data[0]' failed.

This was also confirmed by Mans Rullgard.

That is probably due to that fact that MG1264 is producing true
interlaced MPEG4 part 10 streams. Nor QuickTime, not MS-Media Player are
capable to playback these streams as well.

If you wish you can check these streams here:


Of MS-Win applicatons "ArcSoft H.264 Decoder" and "Nero 7 Video" are
capable to decode these streams. Although the performance on 1GHz PIII
system is below real-time (i.e. playback is not smooth).

Since we're commited to developing this MG1264 product we don't have a
choice but to try adding these kind of streams support to ffmpeg, but if
there is mutual interest any help or recommendations from ffmpeg
community would be greatly appriciated. 

Vassili Leonov
principal developer

Linux Media Labs
vleo at linuxmedialabs.com http://linuxmedialabs.com

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