[Ffmpeg-devel] On2 Flix Engine uses memcoder in commerical Flix Engine

Guillaume Poirier gpoirier
Thu Apr 27 18:13:58 CEST 2006


Alex Beregszaszi wrote:
> Hi,
>>>At least looking at the sources, additions are:
>>>* ogg muxer
>>>* raw ogg pcm and yuv encoders
>>>* some GIF support hacks
>>>* mencoder hacks
>>>I think we could commit some of them.
>>I maintain that patch set, for what it's worth. Everything that I
>>thought was useful to others has been posted to mplayer-dev-eng. I
>>apologize if there's something of interest that didn't make it there.
>>Some of the things I know I omitted are truly hideous, like the hack to
>>make mencoder work on audio only files, spit out identify info, etc.
>>Some of the other real fixes could be useful, like improved gif support,
>>the stride fixes, etc..
> And what can you say to the absence of submission of the OGG muxer? Who
> wrote it? The oggpcm and ogguvs files are (c) On2 and BSD licensed.

Hehe. This is funny (or sad, depending on the standing point): John
Koleszar has sent some of these patches (stride fixes, etc...) some
time ago, and didn't get ANY reply let alone a review of his code!!!

So I guess the fault isn't really in On2 camp, this time... Getting no
reply surely isn't encouraging to send further patches...


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