[Ffmpeg-devel] Google Summer Of Code

Mike Melanson mike
Tue Apr 25 02:23:40 CEST 2006

Luca Barbato wrote:
> Mike Melanson wrote:
>>the meantime, project ideas:
> - snow optimizations.

Good idea.

> - dirac native implementation.

This is even more ambitious than the VC-1 and AAC implementations due to 
lack of documentation. But in the end it's up to the student.

> - nut complete implementation.

Personally, I'm not as enthusiastic about encouraging libavformat work 
for this initiative since it does not enjoy as widespread use as 
libavcodec. Effort could be better spent in identifying how to refactor 
the existing lavf API to better suit a wider range of projects. This is 
the kind of thing which takes more domain knowledge than a summer intern 
would likely possess. Just my take on it.

	Anyway, as I mentioned originally, I submitted the app a few hours 
after the formal deadline. Plus, from reading the Google groups, I get 
the impression that Google feels there are already plenty of 
organizations represented. Further, they started rejecting applicants 
last week due to there being too many orgs in a particular segment 
(e.g., web apps are well represented). However, Xiph is the only other 
org representing the multimedia "segment" (GIMP, if you stretch the 

	If I don't hear anything back by tomorrow, I'll drop the whole idea.
	-Mike Melanson

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