[Ffmpeg-devel] Google Summer Of Code

Mike Melanson mike
Tue Apr 25 00:55:51 CEST 2006

Roman Shaposhnick wrote:
>   For a couple of weeks everywhere I look folks mention Google's 
>   Summer of Code. I guess its a good thing, but having tried the
>   same format internally I have my doubts at how effective it
>   might be. 

	Google seems to think that the overall initiative was successful enough 
last year that it warrants an expansion this summer. So that's at least 
a little encouraging.

>   These were good ones. However, from my personal experience it is
>   usually beneficial to have a wide range of projects in terms of
>   complexity. And in my book, the ones you've submitted are pretty
>   complex. 

	True. I sometimes have to remind myself that I have been doing this for 
a little while and that someone new may need some time to get up to 
speed. At least I didn't suggest any projects that involve binary 
reverse engineering. :)

 > More simple ones would be working on ffmpeg.c/ffserver.c.
>   I thinks everyone who uses ffmpeg.c/ffserver.c has their favorite
>   list of things which don't quite work, but are not hopelessly
>   broken so there's no point in fixing them right away. I certainly
>   do have mine.

	Another task I had in mind was to investigate code refactoring. But 
that one is a little harder to define in terms of deliverables. Maybe 
the end goal would be to refactor libavcodec so that it is possible to 
enable/disable indvidual encoders and decoders.

> P.S. And docs, don't forget that not all of the students are competent
> programmers and some of them could be made happy by being exposed to
> the technology, but not challenged by it.

	Are you referring to writing documentation as a project?

	-Mike Melanson

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