[Ffmpeg-devel] Google Summer Of Code

Mike Melanson mike
Mon Apr 24 23:37:07 CEST 2006

	This was brought to my attention just this morning:


In a nutshell: open source projects submit proposals related to their 
projects and students can apply to work on the projects. The students 
are compensated (by Google) for their effort and the projects get a 
little cash as well.

The deadline for projects to signal interest was this morning. I sent an 
email a few hours after the deadline but we'll see if that matters. In 
the meantime, project ideas:

* The first and foremost project I am interested in (and I know I am not 
alone) is a new, free, optimized VC-1 implementation. I would take point 
as the mentor for this project. This would be a lot of programming grunt 
work but I hope to have a clear roadmap for this task soon. Decoding 
would be first priority, of course. But if the student has time, he or 
she could begin on a basic encoder as well.

* I am not sure how far Oded is on AAC, how much time he has to work on 
it, and I do not wish to impugn his effort on the system. If it's all 
right with him, I think AAC might be another good candidate for the same 
treatment as VC-1 (separate project proposal and I would be the mentor 
one this as well, though I might need some help due to the subject matter).

Those are the top 2 proposals I have in mind. What are some other ones? 
Finishing VP3/Theora decoding support? Perhaps a VP3/Theora encoder? 
(Though we may be competing with Xiph's proposals in these areas: 
http://wiki.xiph.org/index.php/Summer_of_Code ). Let's hear some ideas. 
Personally, I tend to think the best ideas would involve tasks that can 
be objectively measured. Also mention if you would be willing to be the 
mentor for your proposal.

	-Mike Melanson

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