[Ffmpeg-devel] Encode Reports

David Thompson David.Thompson
Mon Apr 24 18:06:16 CEST 2006


This is my first posting to the list, although I have been using ffmpeg for many years on a more simple basis. I greatly appreciate any help anyone can give me on the issues below.

1.  I am in the first steps of building an ffmpeg application to encode mobile 3gp clips from mpeg2 sources.  The encoding quality thus far has been supurb, however, in addition to creating the videos, I need to update a database with information from encode job - ie.. file size, bitrate, etc.

Does anyone know of any pre-existing projects working with FFMPEG that can generate say an XML job report from the verbose information FFMPEG provides when it has completed an encode?

I could probably use ffmpeg-php to query a file after it is encoded, but wanted to know if there was a more streamlined way about this.

2.  Has anyone successfully encoded any 3gp videos using the H.264 video codec in FFMPEG.  I have tried several trial encodes over the weekend, but none have been successful ... at least the video wouldn't play in either Quicktime or Real players ... although it would play in Mplayer!



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