[Ffmpeg-devel] dvr-ms seek help request

John Donaghy johnfdonaghy
Thu Apr 20 20:53:24 CEST 2006

> Sorry for taking so much time to try this patch. But I can confirm it
> works much better than the current code in CVS. I applied it for the
> next version of DrFFMPEG. As well as the other ASF patch submitted recently.

Glad it worked out for you. I'll probably try to submit this patch
after I have another crack at making it always find a key frame after
a seek. The problem seems to be that the key bit is always set in
every packet segment in a dvr-ms file, hence the demuxer marks every
frame as a key frame.

Are you seeing that it usually doesnt seek to a key frame? Also, do
you know what happens to wmv seeking with this patch?

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