[Ffmpeg-devel] one of these days on IRC

Diego Biurrun diego
Thu Apr 20 15:16:27 CEST 2006

I thought I might as well share this "bug report" with you ;)

11:44 -!- Gabucino [n=gabu at gabucino.be] has joined #MPlayerDEV
11:44 < Gabucino> re
11:44 < Gabucino> do you people actually test the commits?
11:44 < Gabucino> imgresample.c:282: error: parse error before "vector"
11:44 < Gabucino> osx/g4
11:44  * Gabucino getting tired
11:45 < Gabucino> also configure shits on CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS env. vars
11:45 < Gabucino> maybe i'll just commit the fix myself
11:45 <@DonDiego> compiles fine on linux/g4
11:45 < Gabucino> linux...
11:45 <@DonDiego> ... is still the main development platform
11:46 < Gabucino> not that i give the damnest shit
11:46 <@DonDiego> not that we give a damn shit about your flaming ;p
11:46 < Gabucino> naturally
11:46 < Gabucino> go ahead and fix that shit
11:46 < Gabucino> and be quick about it
11:46 -!- Gabucino [n=gabu at gabucino.be] has quit [Client Quit]

None of it was reproducible, not even on OS X, though ...


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