On2 vs libvp62 (was: Re: [Ffmpeg-devel] When is planned to add ogg Theora output in ffmpeg?)

Dieter ffmpeg
Sat Apr 15 11:25:39 CEST 2006

In message <20060415134828.GC1890 at biurrun.de>, Diego Biurrun writes:
> And anyway, what is fairly complex to you? As seen above libvp62 is
> around 3000 lines of code.  Writing (and debugging) that much code can
> take some time depending on your skill and experience, but we're not
> talking about man-years here.

The usual figure is 10 lines of code per day, so 3000 lines would be
300 person-days.

This includes writing requirements document, design document,
test document, document review, writing code, code review, writing
tests, test review, testing.

It is about 10 lines per day regardless of the language.

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