[Ffmpeg-devel] BUG: AC3 encode playback refused by Videolan

Inc. the.incredible
Sat Apr 15 00:03:05 CEST 2006

    /*Author: *Inc.
    *Date: *2006-04-12 19:58/ / +200/ /
    *To: *FFMpeg development discussions and patches/

    /Hi, /

    /as I replied in the "AC3 too low Volume" post, it seems that the
    output /
    /of AC3 streams even if the /
    /volume is ok now results in playback problems when using VLC in
    case of /
    /MAC and PC. /

    /The resulted test stream was generated by "output_example.exe
    test.ac3" /
    /on win2000 out of a ffmpeg compile /
    /from the CVS of April 10th 2006 on MinGW. /

    /Can someone check or confirm? /
    /Thanks in advance. /

    /Andrej /

/It seems that the refused  playback of generated AC3 files by videolan 
only occurs if AC3s are
build out of output_example.exe . When geenrating the AC3 out of 
ffmpeg.exe videolan plays it back well.

Could someone check that.
Thanks in advance.




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