[Ffmpeg-devel] Video compression and quality of codecs.

Bogdan Mustiata bogdanm
Wed Apr 12 14:26:32 CEST 2006

Robert Swain wrote:
> Bit rate 2750, KB/s 29-31.... uhhh? Do you understand what bit rate is?

Bits per second, and yes I see the values are obscene... Anyway the KB/s 
were measured with a firewall, so I don't think they are wrong.

> Probably a case of misuse of the h.263 codec if the quality difference is 
> _huge_ versus the current WMV9. Not to say that WMV9 shouldn't "beat" h.263, 
> but I wouldn't have thought the difference would be huge. (h.263 has in-loop 
> filtering doesn't it? Or is that h.263+? Or am I insane? :))

As I recollect it doesn't have  in-loop filtering, only h264 has (I may 
be wrong too :D )

Regarding post processing filters is there a good tutorial / 
documentation / code out there? I've searched but didn't found anything.

Thank you,


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