[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Sony PSP support: problem solved

Lars Blumberg Lars.Blumberg
Tue Apr 11 14:08:09 CEST 2006

> Could you maybe post a patch that features all you modifications?
> Guillaume

I already had it in mind to send a patch, but there is still an unknown 
issue for me according the "time_base" property for the audio codec.

For PSP among other things you have to set for the audio codec:

c->time_base.den = c->sample_rate;
c->time_bas.num = 1;

in the add_audio_stream method. But it does NOT work when you want to create 
an avi file. When you call "output_example test.avi" it complains:

"error, non monotone timestamps", "Error while writing audio frame"

You can simply test it, when you add these two code lines into the 
"add_audio_stream" method in output_example.c. I had a look into ffmpeg's 
audio coding settings and it does set time_base.den to sample_rate.

I already wrote this in the user news group. When I solved this problem I 
will send a patch.


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