[Ffmpeg-devel] Can FFmpeg Decode rv30,rv40 and WMA3?

Jimmy Zha zhajm
Tue Apr 11 08:30:53 CEST 2006


	I build my FFmpeg with lame,ogg,faad2,xvid etc... support, and it work fine.

	Then I followed this article(http://www.richardgoodwin.com/wp/2006/02/15/building-ffmpeg-to-support-windows-media-files/),added WMV3 support to my FFmpeg.It's can decode WMV3(WMV9), but didn't work in decode WMA3 :(.

	And I thirst for the rv30,rv40 decode.

	Any ports? thank you !

Best regards!

Jimmy Zha
zhajm at 56.com

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