[Ffmpeg-devel] integrating a new codec?

James Barros james
Mon Apr 10 21:20:22 CEST 2006

> I believe there was code for decoding on2vp6. However, it was  
> mysteriously
> and swiftly silenced through campaign of scaring, frightening and  
> flinging of
> vague legal threats. I'm sure the original author is hiding under  
> his bed, feeling
> quite *terrified* right now. Imagine the _terror_ of having a  
> hoarde of lawyers
> chasing you, I'd be hiding too. Woe what this world has come to.

Ah, and there's the rub. We've got about 2314897435273 licensed  
products with the on2vp6 codec lying around here, the problem is that  
I'm seeing an almost 120 to 1 time ratio for encoding with ffmpeg vs,  
say, sorrenson squeeze. Now, I'm sure a large portion of that is the  
codec, but I doubt thats all it is.

Also, I appologize if this is an incredible breach of etiquette, but  
I've also been asked to put out the offer that anyone who can drop us  
a working solution, my company would be more than happy to  
compensate. We don't care about owning any code, and are happy to  
leave things in the public domain, or at least as much as is public  
(obviously the on2 code wouldn't be) but we need to get that level of  
quality and if there's any way to do that and allow stability, speed,  
and easy batch processing/running from the command line ala ffmpeg,  
that would definitely be preferred.

If anyone with more skill than I and an interest in this would be  
willing to contact me offlist, this will be the last I bother the  
list with my requests.

Thanks again for the information. :)


James Barros
james at cyberflowsolutions.com

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