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Måns Rullgård mru
Mon Apr 10 16:23:01 CEST 2006

Hi again,

Another mail from Linuxtag just arrived, this one with some practical details.

The floor plan has been finalized, and can be perused at

Quoting some other pieces of interest:

6. Booth Equipment

The booths will be separated by walls, which consists of segments which are 1m
wide and about 2.2m high.  All edges to corridors are open, so some booths have
one or two walls.

Please note that we can only provide regular conference tables (120cm wide,
60cm deep and 73cm high) and conference chairs.  We don't have any other
furniture this year.
The general rule is that a booth size of 9qm justifies two tables and four
chairs.  We are not sure if we manage to get more tables.

Within next days we will upgrade the vCC for you to order chairs and tables.
In general it is possible to rent additional furniture but that will cost quite
some money which could be saved otherwise.  So please place your orders
economically.  These orders also will be reviewed and approved by the LinuxTag

7. Power and Internet Connectivity

Power and Internet will be provided by LinuxTag and Rhein-Main-Hallen for the
project booths.  You don't have to worry about these.

However, you'll need to take enough extension cords and power multiplier
sockets with you.  We cannot provide them in a proper number for all projects.
If you use a cable drum for distributing power, please make sure not to
connect any computers or monitors to it unless you've pulled off the entire
cable.  If you plan to present special hardware, like several servers, which
will consume very much power, please contact us.

Please be advised to take long network cables with you (see below).  You will
also need some switches for the inner-booth network.  More details about
Internet connectivity will follow within next days.

9. Storage Space

We were able to assign a few storage areas where you can place your stuff that
shouldn't clutter your booth.  We highly recommend to use such space for idle
clothes, water bottles, other food, unused boxes and other equipment.

As usuall not all project booths have direct access to such an area so you
may have to coordinate with the neighbour booth to access the storage area.  Of
course, please don't overstress this during the exhibition.  There should be
doors or curtains to separate the storage area from the booths.

Additionally we suggest to bring along long table cloths which help you to hide
stuff under the tables.

11. Posters

Please prepare at least one large poster (A1 or A0) to be placed on the walls
of your booth or an idle pillar so that visitors understand what the booth is
all about, or what the particular machine in front of them intends to
demonstrate.  Without posters or other similar stuff the booth will probably
look a bit deserted and not that interesting at all.

You can use adhesive tape to fix the posters on the walls.

If you plan to demonstrate fancy hardware at your booth, it is very helpful to
describe these particular pieces of hardware in a poster or a large sign, so
that visitors recognise its value or notice that it is extraordinary.

14. Social Event

The official social event will take place on Thursday, May 4th, at the local
cultural centre "Schlachthof" [2].  As usual LinuxTag provides 150 tickets at a
reduced price for the community.  We will decide within next days about how you
can apply for them.

[2] http://www.schlachthof-wiesbaden.de/

M?ns Rullg?rd
mru at inprovide.com

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