[Ffmpeg-devel] How to incorporate a subset of FFMPEG source in other projects?

Sven Over over
Tue Nov 22 12:18:46 CET 2005

Hello, FFMPEG developers.

Yesterday I released a new project of mine to the public, DVBCUT. You might 
have read my announcement on the ffmpeg-users list. 

I got some response from the first downloaders, and some seem to have problems 
because they have a different version of libavcodec/libavformat installed on 
their system than I have on mine, and my code seems to be incompatible with 
some older versions.

I remember some time ago was a discussion on this list regarding this issue. 
Because the interfaces of libavcodec/libavformat keep changing once in a 
while, and it is difficult to get users of my program install the same 
version of FFMPEG than I have (I'm still using a CVS snapshot from 
September), there was the suggestion that developers of other projects can 
incorporate the source code of ffmpeg in their project, so it comes with the 
right version. For GPL'ed project (such as DVBCUT), this should be no 

My question is, how to achieve this technically. I only need a small subset of 
libavcodec/libavformat, namely the mpeg2video decoder and encoder, the mp2 
audio decoder (maybe AC3 in the future), and the mpeg2 and mpeg2ts muxers. Is 
there a good starting point to find out, what files I need include and to 
modify? Maybe someone even has written some shell scripts to do the job.

If not, that's no problem, I will find out myself. But maybe someone has 
already put some effort into this and has some good tips (or even scripts) 
for me. (Or you can just point me to posts to this list in the mailing list 
archive which covers this issue... like "RTFM" -> read the fine 
mailinglist ;)

Anyway, thanks for your help!

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