[Ffmpeg-devel] mp3onmp4

Jochen Issing jochen
Mon Nov 21 19:29:42 CET 2005

On Monday 21 November 2005 00:55, Mike Melanson wrote:
> bond wrote:
> > its indeed possible to mux mp3 audio into the .mp4 container (which is
> > not the same as .mov)
> 	True. .mp4 is a .mov with a few extensions that are "open" as long as
> you pay enough money to the right people.
Hm, are you referring to mov only or mp4? mp4 is as far as I know free for 
uncommercial use (and open source)
> > there are two tools existing allowing you to do this 100% spec compliant,
> > that is mp4box from the gpac project and mp4creator from the mpeg4ip
> > project yes, ffmpeg can NOT do this correctly
> 	You mean two "open source" tools, I hope. I tend to think Apple as a
> few tools that do the right thing as well.
Well, I am not sure. Apple is not that an audio specialist.
> > people have to differentiate between .mov and .mp4
> > there are not "few ways" for placing mp3 in mp4, there is only one
> > defined in the mpeg-4 specs
> > as already mentioned its done by using "mp4a". not the here mentioned
> > "'ms' + 0x0055 (CBR) or '.mp3' (VBR)"
Yes, I can second that and I was kind of confused, as this came up. This is 
what I was actually searching for, but I have not found it working. Is this 
an issue for faac?
> 	Don't knock it 'till you try it. I think the 2 .mov MP3 encapsulations
> along with MPEG-4 video would be accepted my QT Player, though I am not
> set up to verify it right now.
> > i hope you are joking? qt is definitely not the gold standard when it
> > comes to mpeg-4 (and this includes the .mp4 container). qt handles as
> > good as nothing you can do with .mp4 and this includes mp3 which it
> > doesnt handle in .mp4
> 	Apple is a big backer of these MPEG standards. When I think of an
> official MPEG-4 multimedia player, I think of Apple's QuickTime Player.
> Do you have a better reference?
There are - besides the open source players - still some vendors implementing 
mp4 players. If you remember Real, Phillips, Envivio, Sony Ericsson 
phones ;-), Fraunhofer, 3vix etc. I'm not sure if all of them are available 
for download. Every Player has its bugs, one more than the others.

Therefore, the reference software would be the best choice probably.


> 	Thanks...

 jochen issing
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