[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: mp3onmp4

Mike Melanson mike
Mon Nov 21 13:22:30 CET 2005

bond wrote:
>>True. .mp4 is a .mov with a few extensions that are "open" as long as
>>you pay enough money to the right people.
> thats not true, as the .mp4 container is license free

	Please point me to some official specs online. I have always wanted to 
know the exact layout.

> yes, they are opensource. i dont know any good .mp4 muxing tool from apple
> (this includes qt7, which even cant mux multichannel aac into .mp4)

	Not the free version of QT7. They must have some tools that can do it 
since they have a bunch of HD movie trailers with 5.1 AAC audio.

	-Mike Melanson

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