[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: mp3onmp4

Gábor Farkas gabor
Sun Nov 20 23:37:30 CET 2005

Mike Melanson wrote:
> G?bor Farkas wrote:
>> so, if anyone has a working example of putting mp3 audio into an mp4 
>> container, where the created file is playable with the 
>> quicktime-player, please tell me.
>     I have such a sample file somewhere because we needed to adapt xine 
> to handle it. I have never tried it in QT Player. To clarify, the audio 
> type in this file, IIRC, was 'mp4a' but when the encapsulation was 
> parsed, it was actually layer 3 audio.

thanks, but maybe there is a misunderstanding..

after reading my mail the second time, maybe it is not clear enough ....

i'd like to see a working example of a procedure of creating an mp4 that 
contains an mp3. not the final mp4 file, but the process, so that i can 
also do it. so basically i'd like to see a howto :)

sorry if my original mail was confusing


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