[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: mp3onmp4

Gábor Farkas gabor
Sun Nov 20 22:20:07 CET 2005

Mike Melanson wrote:
> gauchi at gmx.net wrote:
>>>>> And how do I envoke the latter? I have an MPEG-4 VIdeo mp3 audio  avi.
>>>>> With copy I get 0x0055, but mplayer fails to play it.
>>>>     Does QuickTime Player play it? That's the gold standard as far 
>>>> as QT
>>>> media is concerned.
>>>>     Also, please post the command line you are invoking.
>>> ffmpeg -i in.avi -acodec copy -vcodec copy out.mp4
>> I remember that I couldn't vcodec copy a an mpeg4 stream from one  
>> container to another, I had to reencode it. Otherwide it didn't play  
>> in Quicktime then.
>> Maybe this has changed by now.
>     Doubtful. I wager the MPEG-4 "extradata" is not being properly 
> retained between formats.

just to jump in here..

yesterday i spent several hours trying to remux an mpeg4+mp3 avi file 
into an mp4 container, which should theoretically be possible.

i tried ffmpegx (which uses ffmpeg afaik), mpeg4ip, gpac....

the best i was able to achieve was to have it working with mpeg4-only.

so, if anyone has a working example of putting mp3 audio into an mp4 
container, where the created file is playable with the quicktime-player, 
please tell me.

(for now i'll just instruct everyone to download vlc for their platform 
and play the avi file :)


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