[Ffmpeg-devel] mp3onmp4

gauchi at gmx.net gauchi
Sun Nov 20 21:07:59 CET 2005

>>> And how do I envoke the latter? I have an MPEG-4 VIdeo mp3 audio  
>>> avi.
>>> With copy I get 0x0055, but mplayer fails to play it.
>> 	Does QuickTime Player play it? That's the gold standard as far as QT
>> media is concerned.
>> 	Also, please post the command line you are invoking.
> ffmpeg -i in.avi -acodec copy -vcodec copy out.mp4

I remember that I couldn't vcodec copy a an mpeg4 stream from one  
container to another, I had to reencode it. Otherwide it didn't play  
in Quicktime then.

Maybe this has changed by now.

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