[Ffmpeg-devel] one slice at the time rendering w/o callback

Ivo ivop
Sat Nov 19 01:00:56 CET 2005

On Sunday 13 November 2005 18:44, Ivo wrote:
> I was looking into a way to have avcodec render one slice at the time
> without making use of the draw_horiz_band callback. AFAICS, that's
> currently not possible. I would like to have a uniform api, i.e. request a
> slice, process it, request next slice, etc... similar to requesting a full
> frame in non-sliced mode.
> Now my question is, which way should I go? I see several options:
> 1) add a new function to AVCodec and have an implementation for all
> codecs that do slices, plus add an avcodec_decode_video like wrapper in
> utils.c (avdecode_decode_video_slice or something)
> 2) add a 'one-slice-at-the-time' flag to AVCodec, and have the caller
> call avcodec_decode_video multiple times

Does anybody have something to say about this?

I gave it a litlle more thought, and I think option 1 is the cleanest way. 
For that, I need to split up avcodec_decode_video into three parts, namely, 
pre-decode-slices loop, decode-slices loop and post-decode-slices loop. The 
new avcodec_decode_video will call the "pre" function, do the decode slices 
loop (or return prematurely if it would have done so now) and call the 
"post" function. 

The new avcodec_decode_slice will call the pre-function, decode one slice 
and only call the post-function if all slices are done. Its API will be 
similar to decode_video, but with an extra argument called got_slice (like 
got_picture). got_slice will be set if a slice was succesfully decoded and 
got_picture will only be set if all slices are decoded. The caller can 
check that to see if all slices are done. At the last call for a particular 
frame, it will return the bytes consumed like decode_video does.

Any comments? Like, go ahead. Or, you're dumb, that will never work? :)


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