[Ffmpeg-devel] one slice at the time rendering w/o callback

Ivo ivop
Sun Nov 13 18:44:22 CET 2005


I was looking into a way to have avcodec render one slice at the time 
without making use of the draw_horiz_band callback. IIC, that's currently 
not possible. I would like to have a uniform api, i.e. request a slice, 
process it, request next slice, etc... similar to requesting a full frame 
in non-sliced mode.

Now my question is, which way should I go? I see several options:

1) add a new function to AVCodec and have an implementation for all codecs 
that do slices, plus add an avcodec_decode_video like wrapper in utils.c 
(avdecode_decode_video_slice or something)

2) add a 'one-slice-at-the-time' flag to AVCodec, and have the caller call 
avcodec_decode_video multiple times

3) something else I haven't thought of?

I thought I'd ask here first, before I waste my time on an ugly hack that 
won't ever get accepted. What do you think?


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