[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: ffmpeg now 2x slower: sse16 vs nsse16

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg
Thu Nov 10 22:03:15 CET 2005


On 11/10/05, g. <the_ether at lycos.co.uk> wrote:
>  <g> writes:
> >
> > I recently updated my copy of ffmpeg with the latest CVS release from the
> > February version I had previously been using and found that with the same
> > settings it is now twice as slow to encode!
> I sorted it out in the end. Someone had moved where the default search method
> was initialised so I ended up doing more MV searching than previously.
> BTW, there is a small bug in nsse16_mmx in dsputil_mmx.c. There out to be:
> if(mm_flags & MM_SSE2)
> so as to choose between calling sse16_mmx or sse16_sse2

Could you send a patch please?

Reading doesn't hurt, really!
  -- Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski

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