[Ffmpeg-devel] [Ffmpeg-devel-old] why not have h264encoder in the libavcodec?

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Wed Nov 9 21:56:07 CET 2005

Marcus Engene wrote:
> Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:
>> On 9-nov-2005, at 20:29, Dario Andrade wrote:
>>>> But because the GPL is "self-centered" (or how could I say selfish
>>>> without saying so ?) it doesn't allow other licences to join in,  
>>>> except
>>>> by being assimilated.
>>> Well, you could say GPL is like a virus. Once contaminated with one  GPL
>>> project, the whole project is compromised
>> "IF" you distribute the program.
>> Besides isn't that why we have the preamble in every file? So you  
>> KNOW that the code is GPL ?
>> I mean if you are too stupid to read the license before you rip the  
>> code, then that's your problem.
>> GPL is not viral, it's about creating a complete environment free of  
>> proprietary software, and "enforcing" that your code is only used by  
>> other programs that support the same idea. It's about taking the Red  
>> Pill.
>> DJ 
>  From what I understood, if someone links a LGPL library to the 
> proprietary application that's fine as long as the they release the 
> LGPL:ed code and the modifications (if any). The commercial application 
> code might not be relevant to the code anyway.
> With GPL you cannot do this. Instead you must release the full 
> application source.

The point of lgpl and gpl is in fact respectively foster the usage or 
foster the free software development.



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