[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: decoding wma9

matthieu castet castet.matthieu
Wed Nov 9 20:52:27 CET 2005


Benjamin Larsson wrote:
> Hi,
>>thx thats what i wanted to know. do you know any more details whats not
>>working or do you have a sample showing problems?
> Some samples have minor glitches for some reason. These
> files are not so common, most likely you wont notice it either.
Some don't produce sound at all.

I did some experiment and notice :

After looking some samples on mplayer, it seem that only 22050 Hz, 2 ch, 
22.0 kbit failed 
22050 Hz, 2 ch, 32.0 kbit (traciespencer-allaboutyou.asf) and 22050 Hz, 
1 ch, 16.0 kbit (wma-broken.asf)(for this one ffmpeg is unable to parse 
asf file, but mplayer do it) seem ok

If change s->frame_len_bits from 10 to 11, I can hear some sound, but it 
seem it isn't the right rate (too slow).


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