[Ffmpeg-devel] why not have h264 encoder in the libavcodec?

Loren Merritt lorenm
Wed Nov 9 10:23:55 CET 2005

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Mike Melanson wrote:
> Diego Biurrun wrote:
>> On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 06:57:01AM +1100, Tim Allen wrote:
>>> No, keep it specific, challenge people :). "Why doesn't FFmpeg support 
>>> feature [xyz]?" "Because you haven't implemented it yet".
>> Everyone please agree on a version and I will commit it immediately ;)
> 	I will meet Tim halfway:
> Q: Why doesn't FFmpeg support feature [xyz]?
> A: Because no one has taken on that task yet. FFmpeg development is driven by 
> the tasks that are important to the individual developers. If there is a 
> feature that is important to you, the best way to get it implemented is to 
> undertake the task yourself.
> That should be tactful and long-winded enough.

I prefer the direct & tactless version, but Mike's works too.

--Loren Merritt

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