[Ffmpeg-devel] decoding wma9

Benjamin Larsson banan
Wed Nov 9 08:21:33 CET 2005

bond wrote:

>i read on hydrogenaudio that wma9 is backwards compatible to wma8 (eg wma9
>is playable on wma8 hardware)
>now i see that libavcodec is able to decode wma8 (aka v2) already and
>wondered whether this means it decode wma9 correctly too? i obviously tried
>wma9 samples and they worked fine. anyone knowing the status of the
>wmav2/wma9 decoding in libavcodec?
Hi, wma exists in a few different formats, those formats doesn't really
correlate well
to what microsoft is naming it. What you are asking about is wma
standard. Ffmpeg
can handle all wma standard files. Microsoft name it wma9 coz it is
bundled with
their version 9 of the player. There is a wmapro codec that currently
can't be decoded
with ffmpeg. The easy way to know what format you are dealing with is to
the id number. 0x161 should always be wma standard.

Benjamin Larsson

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