[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Missing "inttypes.h" on windows

Fredrik Orderud fredrik.orderud
Mon Nov 7 20:50:37 CET 2005

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Subject: Re: [Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Missing "inttypes.h" on windows

>> Windows-users would be saved from this unnecessary trouble if
>> "libavutil/common.h" had automatically defined this variable.
> Under what conditions do you think it should be defined?
> Why not just add an inttypes.h file with the proper types?
> EMULATE_INTTYPES is mainly for unix systems with automatic configure,
> IMO, not for people setting it up manually on obscure systems.

Adding a custom windows edition of "inttypes.h" to ffmpeg is of course 
possible, but it is far simpler to automatically enable ffmpeg's existing 
inttypes-emulation in "common.h", which seems to be crafted for 
windows-usage if you look at the sources. The top of common.h already 
contains a windows-check that can easily be extended to also enable 

Windows has a large market-share on desktop computing, so streamlining usage 
of ffmpeg on this platform will undoubtedly help ffmpeg to be used as widely 
as possible. Do you (only) want a unix library, or do you want a library 
that also runs on other common operating systems?

Fredrik Orderud
Ph.D student in Computer Science, NTNU> 

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