[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: [Ffmpeg-user] Windows installdircontainingwhitespace

Martin Boehme boehme
Mon Nov 7 08:53:35 CET 2005

Fredrik Orderud wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Guillaume POIRIER" <poirierg at gmail.com>
>> It looks to me like the shell you're using is severly broken I would
>> suggest upgrading to see if the bug goes away.
>>> I've previously tried "/c/Program\ Files/FFmpeg" without sucess.
>> I was thinking about '/c/Program Files/FFmpeg'. Would that work?
> If you check
> http://www.cygwin.com/faq/faq.using.html#faq.using.filename-spaces
> you'll notice that cygwin doesn't support directories containing spaces. 
> This does probably also apply to MinGW, as they have a lot in common. 

Well, what it actually says there is:

10. Can I use paths/filenames containing spaces in them?

Cygwin does support spaces in filenames and paths. That said, some 
utilities that use the library may not, since files don't typically 
contain spaces in Unix. If you stumble into problems with this, you will 
need to either fix the utilities or stop using spaces in filenames used 
by Cygwin tools.

In particular, bash interprets space as a word separator. You would have 
to quote a filename containing spaces, or escape the space character. 
For example:

	bash-2.03$ cd '/cygdrive/c/Program Files'


	bash-2.03$ cd /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files

i.e., Cygwin supports spaces just the same way as Linux / Unix does. 
Just wanted to point this out to stop any false rumours being generated...


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