[Ffmpeg-devel] open buffered vob data

Bernd Putsche bwp
Sun Nov 6 11:20:39 CET 2005

hi everybody!
this question was already asked 1 or 2 years ago, but no clear answer 
was/could be given. Trying again today :-D

how is it possible to open a buffer(ed) file/stream


i'm reading data off a dvd into a buffer with dvdnav! now i want to open 
the buffer/data/stream however you call it. how can this be done using 
i only know the av_open_... functions but they all require a "file" but 
all i have is a 2048 or > buffer filled with vob data. i need this for:
1. obtaining stream information (a/v) e.g. bitrate, resolution, format..
2. get frames for specific streams... e.g. first visual/video stream, 
second audio stream and so on....

any help would be nice


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