[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Timestamps Again

Colin Ward hitman
Sun Nov 6 03:54:56 CET 2005

On 05/11/05, you wrote:


>> static double pts;
>> avcodec_decode_video(context, &frame, ...)
>> if ((frame->pts == 0) || (frame->pts == AV_NOPTS_VALUE))
>> {
>>   pts += (av_q2d(context->time_base) * 1000);
>> }
>> else
>> {
>>   pts = ((frame->pts * av_q2d(context->time_base)) * 1000);
>> }


> you should use AVPacket.pts/dts not AVFrame.pts

  Ok, I just tried that but it results in crazy pts times being calculated
(ie. starting with a 7 figure millisecond count).  This is with an MPEG
file that I know has a start time of zero and for which the method above
works fine.

  Also, the calculations above are using
AVFormatContext.streams[video_stream]->codec->time_base - is this correct? 
Or should I be using AVFormatContext.streams[video_stream]->time_base? 
These two time_base variables are *different* when playing the MPEG file
mentioned above.

  Also, what is the actual difference between AVPacket.pts and AVFrame.pts?
 If you are decoding a video that has B/P frames and the frames are out of
order, wouldn't you have to get the pts from AVFrame?  Because after
calling avcodec_decode_video() the AVFrame returned would be in
presentation order, whereas the AVPacket wouldn't be, because the file
would contain IIP whereas the presentation order is IPI.

  And what is dts?

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