[Ffmpeg-devel] HELP! Resize decoded images / libavcodec

Glen S.Rosen njmedic2669
Fri Nov 4 20:49:02 CET 2005

Greetings All,

First let me apoligize if this is an FAQ or something - i've been unable to 
find it.

SIMPLE OVERVIEW - I'm using libavcodec to decode frames from 1-MPEG4 file and
1-MPEG2 file. These frames are then overlayed on a JPG background and re-encoded
into an MPEG2 file.(again, using libavcodec)

Once i've decoded the frame with avcodec_decode_video(), i can convert the
images to different formats, etc. But what about resizing? I've looked through
all of the  library code and it's not terribly clear to me how to do it.

Can somebody PLEASE HELP with a simple example or solution. Speed is very
important so any of the functions that use MMX etc. would be helpful.

I'm really stuck here.


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