[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] cook compatible decoder

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Fri Nov 4 13:15:57 CET 2005


On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 08:08:09PM +0100, Benjamin Larsson wrote:
> http://tranquillity.campus.luth.se/~banan/cook/
> patch -p0 <cookffmpeg.patch
> Please review, test and comment. The rm demuxer patch is made by Roberto
> Togni.
> I think the decoder wont work on BE systems.

how should it with that?:

typedef struct __attribute__((__packed__)){
    uint16_t sub_packet_size;           //8bit large elements
    uint16_t sub_packet_h;
COOKextradata *e = avctx->extradata;
    int w=avctx->block_align;
    int h = e->sub_packet_h;


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