[Ffmpeg-devel] few remarks for h264 decoder

Loren Merritt lorenm
Sat Dec 31 15:15:53 CET 2005

On Sat, 31 Dec 2005, G?bor Kov?cs wrote:

> 10.
> I don't have FRext specs (only JM sources), but ffmpeg's 
> decode_scaling_list() seems to make no difference between list not present 
> "if (!get_bits1(&s->gb))" and using default list "if(!i && !next)". The later 
> should always use default_scaling4/default_scaling8
> constant tables.
> I know it's hard to understand my explanation. Here is another one:
> There is a reason why fill_caches() has these lines:
> h->ref_cache[list][scan8[4 ]] =
> h->ref_cache[list][scan8[12]] = PART_NOT_AVAILABLE;
> This is what can be overwritten by pred_direct_motion() before they
> could have had their effect on fetch_diagonal_mv()

fixed both.

--Loren Merritt

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