[Ffmpeg-devel] question reagarding conversion of 3g2 and 2gp files

Charles Sismondo csismondo
Sat Dec 31 05:44:51 CET 2005


I am a developer working to convert generic video media -> flash files, 
and I'm stuck with an interesting problem with 3g2 and 2gp files.  When 
I use ffmpeg -i test.3g2 output.avi, ffmpeg tells me that the test file 
has 9 channels of audio (the header shows 2) and that it cannot convert 

I used the cvs tree from today, I have faac and faad enabled.

I believe that I need amr, and am working to get this installed, but I'm 
hoping someone out there has already tried this and knows everything 
that is required for this to work seemlessly.

Contact me if you need the sample file.

Thanks in advance,

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