[Ffmpeg-devel] gcc 2.95 doesn't like snow.c

François Revol revol
Fri Dec 30 22:06:48 CET 2005

> IMO it does not work. The scope of the variable p has ended by the
> time it is used, and its space on the stack may no longer belong to

Hmm it should, the last value of the block is supposed to be used as 
Shouldn't gcc error if p was unreachable from that scope anyway ? *g*

> it. Why not use the clean, portable:
> { int p[2] = {block->mx, block->my};
>   check_block(s, mb_x, mb_y, p, 0, &best_rd); }

I've put that in an inline check_block_2p to avoid screwing up the 
indentation and readability.


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