[Ffmpeg-devel] Configured and built with --enable-xvid yet: "Unknown codec 'xvid'": Solved!

Marc Remijn marc
Mon Dec 26 21:32:25 CET 2005

Dear developers,

As happened so often, after weeks pondering why it didn't work and 
finally having posted the question in a mailinglist I found the problem.

Long ago I did an install of ffmpeg (without xvid) and most notably a 
'make installlibs', which installed libavcodec.a and a few others into 
'/opt/dvb/lib'. Since this is where I also put libxvidcore I had to give 
the '--extra-ldflags=-L /opt/dvb/lib' to the configure of ffmpeg.
However I have noticed that when 'make' links ffmpeg it does link it 
with libavcodec.a amonst others. But since the -L and -I flags to 
/opt/dvb/include and /opt/dvb/lib are put before the -L and -I flags 
poiting to ./libavcodec in the ffmpeg sourcetree this meant ffmpeg was 
linked to an old libavcodec.a.

I did a 'make installlibs' from the newly build sourcetree. This placed 
the up-to-date libavcodec.a in '/opt/dvb/lib'. Then I built (only 
linking should have sufficed, but I couldn't force make to do this) 
ffmeg again and... hey presto... now ffmpeg lists xvid as a codec. And I 
can now produce xvid avi files.

Thanks all the same for looking into this.


P.S. The webversion of the mailinglistarchive doesn't do much to hide 
emailadresses. It only changes '@' in 'at' and adds some spaces. I hope 
that the e-mail harvesters are not too intelligent. Otherwise I should 
prepare myself for a spam deluge.

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