Why git or Mercurial? (Was: Re: [Ffmpeg-devel] Switch to svn?)

Diego Biurrun diego
Mon Dec 26 01:32:10 CET 2005

On Sun, Dec 25, 2005 at 02:55:15PM -0500, Rich Felker wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 25, 2005 at 01:04:16PM +0100, Luca Barbato wrote:
> > 
> > subversion has those terrible deps:
> > :: apr-util optionally apache, every language known, neon, db4
> Deps for client, or server? I think these deps for svn are incorrect
> anyway (some of them are only needed for broken db-based backend which
> is deprecated by text).

They're completely bogus, as is the whole discussion.

Reigniting this discussion is a waste of time, we really have more
important matters at hand.  Just in case this isn't fully obvious
already: The admin crew is already severely freetime-challenged and any
and all attempts to increase the load (for doubtful benefit) are hereby
REJECTED with extreme prejudice.


Please don't answer, just close the topic.  There is so much to do, we
don't need another flamewar.


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