RES: Why git or Mercurial? (Was: Re: [Ffmpeg-devel] Switch to svn?)

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Sun Dec 25 23:25:32 CET 2005

Dario Andrade wrote:
> Most of the open source community is already working with SVN (apache, xiph,
> videolan).

get a list about how many projects are using git/cogito or other git 
front-end (including tla and darks with git backend)

> I don't see any sense at all even to try evaluating anything other than svn
> or cvs.

Try something based on different concepts, you hardly regret them (start 
with cogito or mercurial or bazaar-ng, NOT tla)

> Others are hardly known, and unless ffmpeg was a private project, there's no
> meaning to make things difficult to incoming developers.

git/cogito isn't hard at all the pull/push workflow is even more easy
and you can use different tools accessing the same git repository

You can even keep them in sync a git repo and other kind of repositories.

Evaluating them won't make your head explode. And I guess that an 
incoming developer that couldn't handle a quite simple and easy scm, 
like the one I pointed, won't be really a boon for the project. (since I 
think ffmpeg internals are QUITE a lot more complex)



Luca Barbato

Gentoo/linux Developer		Gentoo/PPC Operational Leader

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