[Ffmpeg-devel] mmx/sse optimizations

Mike Melanson mike
Thu Dec 22 19:17:32 CET 2005

Rich Felker wrote:
> Because if I want to write asm I'll write asm directly. Using crap
> like this to write asm is like using babelfish to write english.. ;)

	I'll be the lone dissenting voice and state that this thing looks like 
a rather interesting tool.

> BTW it's also crap because it's non-free.

	So get to work on a free version.

> That may be useful. GUI tools to 'help' newbies write asm are not
> useful.

	SIMD code is a different beast than normal ASM. I think this tool has 
its place. Perhaps another idea would be a tool that enables the user to 
describe some kind of general algorithm with a set of SIMD-like 
primitives. Then the tool decides what the equivalent code would look 
like using different SIMD sets (MMX, SSE2, AltiVec) AND can output the 
correct ASM syntax for use in gcc and MSVC.

	-Mike Melanson

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