[Ffmpeg-devel] mmx/sse optimizations

Marcus Engene ffmpeg
Thu Dec 22 15:15:31 CET 2005

Martin Boehme wrote:

>> Yes, I tried it a bit now. Going thru the tutorial gave me a good 
>> idea of what mmx is all about. It's seems like a no-brainer to teach 
>> my little pet watermark to do some mmx tricks.
>> I'd recommend it to anyone interrested in trying out mmx/sse. The 
>> demo version is after all free.
>> The documentation is a bit thin, but as Michel wrote, it's easy to 
>> google the mnemonics after having a starting point.
> So you did find it helpful? What does it do, exactly, compared to 
> coding MMX/SSE by hand?

It gave me an quick introduction to what it's all about by going through 
the tutorial and the manual. A teacher of a friend once said "you can 
only learn things you already know" which I later have come to realize 
how true that was. I have a grasp of it now so I know [a bit more] what 
to look for in the Intel docs and what it can do. Ie the same reason 
people buy O'Reilly books, to get a grasp, and then it's easier to read 
the RFCs.

But I don't think I'll use the gui for actual coding. Even if the 
graphical timing thing did seem useful.

Best regards,

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