[Ffmpeg-devel] mmx/sse optimizations

Marcus Engene ffmpeg
Thu Dec 22 13:33:33 CET 2005

Martin Boehme wrote:

> Michel Bardiaux wrote:
>> If you havent tried it, why call it crap? I havent tried it either, 
>> but I have found the doc on MMX and SSE available on this site quite 
>> valuable. (Once you have an idea of the name for some of the ops you 
>> need for a particular purpose, web searches often direct you straight 
>> to a page with useable code!)
> Well, modulo Rich's inimitable style ;-)

I'd say being "inimitable" is a good thing in this case.

> I was going to say pretty much the same thing. Looks to me like this 
> is a pretty thin wrapper around MMX/SSE that is supposed to make it 
> look a little less intimidating.
> Quoting from the website:
> "Quexal supports the Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++ Builder and 
> Borland Delphi compilers"
> "Ordering Quexal is only 59$"
> Hm... this is going to be really popular with the ffmpeg-devel 
> crowd... ;-)
> Martin
Yes, I tried it a bit now. Going thru the tutorial gave me a good idea 
of what mmx is all about. It's seems like a no-brainer to teach my 
little pet watermark to do some mmx tricks.

I'd recommend it to anyone interrested in trying out mmx/sse. The demo 
version is after all free.

The documentation is a bit thin, but as Michel wrote, it's easy to 
google the mnemonics after having a starting point.

Best regards,

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