[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Re: Using avcodec.dll andavformat.dllmeansthatoutput_example.c would not work?

Lars Blumberg Lars.Blumberg
Fri Dec 16 13:53:39 CET 2005

>> I am using the API function LoadLibrary to connect to methods in the 
>> DLLs. That all works fine. It is the same way as you would use dynamic 
>> loading in C++.

> Well, in C++ you actually have two choices: Use an import library or use 
> LoadLibrary(). The latter choice is much more painful, though, which is 
> why most people use import libraries...


>> And I did not know before, that are "linked against each other" at 
>> runtime when loaded within the same application. Is that really true?

> Huh? Not sure what you're trying to say here... but yes, any DLL that has 
> dependencies on other DLLs brings those in automatically (if that's what 
> you're asking).

My English is terrible :p But you get it, what I wanted to know.
Thanks for your help!


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