[Ffmpeg-devel] Transcoding an MPEG2 SPTS into MPEG4

Gary Masson massong
Wed Dec 14 06:42:25 CET 2005


I have something I'd like to be able to do using ffmpeg.  I think the
capability is there, but I am really not a very good software guy so I would
like your input please.

I have several MPEG2 Single Program Transport Streams - Encoded at 2.2 Mbps
(video) and 192kbps (audio) being distributed across a routed network using
IP Multicast (UDP Packets).

A typical stream would be sent on Multicast IP UDP Port 8208.

I'd like to capture those packets with a PC , remove the IP multicast, pass
the SPTS to ffmpeg , transcode it into 3GP and MPEG4 and then re-generate
the IP Multicast (I'm thinking with ffserver) and put it back out onto my
network using a new multicast IP.

Is anyone else doing something similar to this?

Also, I'm curious about software license costs for the video Codecs, if I
use this don't I have to pay the patent holders for MPEG4 to use there



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