[Ffmpeg-devel] Suggestions for Reducing Noise

Paul Curtis pfc
Tue Dec 13 12:59:55 CET 2005

A while back, the '-nr' option was removed from 'ffmpeg'. I have some 
video in raw video/PCM audio (AVI container) that has a fair amount of 
noise that is affecting the MPEG2 encoder's ability to compress the 
video. That and the resulting video doesn't look very good.

I'm looking for some suggestions of option settings to help reduce the 
noise in the resulting MPEG2. I am using a current CVS of 'ffmpeg'. I 
realize that every video stream is different, so I don't expect find the 
best combination of option without experimentation. What I'm looking for 
is which options would be the best to experiment with.

Any and all help is appreciated.


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