[Ffmpeg-devel] time for a release?

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Mon Dec 12 19:11:55 CET 2005

Benjamin Larsson wrote:

> Michel Bardiaux wrote:
>> Benjamin Larsson wrote:
>>> Diego Biurrun wrote:
>>>> Folks,
>>>> it's been a while since the last release and since then there
>>>> has been a lot of development and many new features have been
>>>> added to FFmpeg along with fixes for a good deal of bugs.  In
>>>> short, I think it's time to make a new release.
>> It does not make sense to issue a 'release' since at the first bug
>> report regarding the 'release', the reply will be 'use cvs'.
> People seams to like releases and I would like to see a version
> number in bugreports other then 0.49pre1. And it would be silly to
> never do a release and always point to the cvs.

The two main 'practical' reasons that I can think of offhand to do
releases even if you aren't going to support them, rather than just keep
on going indefinitely in CVS, are: to give authors of other programs
specific and well-defined milestones against which to work, and so that
people using the non-supported release version will encounter (and,
thus, report) fewer obsolete bugs.

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