[Ffmpeg-devel] mac g3/g4 and altivec

Ronald S. Bultje rbultje
Sun Dec 11 16:54:37 CET 2005


Currently, it seems that g4-compiled ffmpeg (lavc) binaries will not run
on g3 because altivec, when compiled in, is always used (and thus it
exits on illegal instructions or segfaults). Libpostproc appears to have
some code to do runtime cpu detection (or at least some macros that make
me believe so), but ffmpeg itself (i.e. lavc) does not appear to. Would
it be possible to add runtime cpu g3/g4/altivec detection to lavc, too?
Or if that exists already, can someone tell me how to enable it? I can't
appear to find it in the sourcecode...


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