[Ffmpeg-devel] av_open_input_stream

Raphael HUCK raphaelh
Fri Dec 9 20:52:04 CET 2005


I've been trying to find a documentation about the API, and the only 
thing I could find are the Doxygen pages on a French server (the ones on 
mplayerhq.hu seem to be down).

I'm interested specifically in the "av_open_input_stream" function:

It is said that it llocates all the structures needed to read an input 
stream, which I had guessed from the name. Could someone tell me more 
about it ? What is the "filename" parameter for ? What kind of input 
stream does it read ?

In fact, I have made a client which captures video on a Mac Mini from an 
HD camera via Firewire, and then sends the data through the SmartFlow 
System (the project I'm working for, http://www.nist.gov/smartspace/), 
and then another client receives the data on a Linux machine, and should 
display it.

The data captured from the camera is in MPEG2-TS, so I'm using 
libav(format/codec) to decode the video, and then SDL to display it 
using an overlay.

The problem is that I receive 188 bytes packets, and I have to display 
the video in real time in the receiver client.

The only functions I have seen in libav(codec/format) to open a video 
are "av_open_input_file" and "av_open_input_stream".

Does anyone have an idea how I could decode and read this MPEG2-TS video 
flow which comes in packets of 188 bytes ?

Thanks in advance,

--Raphael HUCK

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