[Ffmpeg-devel] codec for real-time capturing

Zinetz Victor mail
Fri Dec 9 14:42:37 CET 2005

Hi all

Could you advise please, which codec is the best for the real-time capturing 
of movies and is quite efficient in terms of compression/speed requirements?

In details: i'm trying to capture surface of window (aprox. 600x400 px) in 
video 12 times per second and later re-encode result in divx or mpeg. On my 
computer (AthlonXP 2200 / 512 Mb) i have few dropped frames while capturing, 
but on Celeron-1000 all very bad :(

Now best result is "mjpeg"; if i try to use "rawvideo" my harddrive is too 
slow, "dvvideo" (i know about it because i play with digital camcoder at 
home) work only with full pal-frame 720x576 px...

wbr, Victor 

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